Using Auto-responders in B2B Demand Generation

Auto-responders have been around for a long time and in B2C marketing they have been used to engage customers, convert them into repeat buyers, to up-sell and cross-sell and to increase the value of every customer on a continual basis. In short, B2C marketers think of auto-responder as a killer app.

How about in B2B marketing? Unfortunately, they are used rarely other than sending out an automated thank you for subscribing to a newsletter or registering for a white paper download. I think B2B marketers can learn something from B2C marketers.

Auto-responder is an automated marketing follow-up solution that can dramatically improve conversion rates and ROI. In today’s Web 2.0 world, engaging customers and prospects over time with relevant messaging is critical. There is a new term for it, “engagement marketing.” (Source: Silverpop).

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E-Mail Marketing is Alive ‘N Kickin’

I’m sure you’ve read many articles and news bulletins on the declining effectiveness of e-mail marketing. Yet, the basic e-newsletter continues to deliver good results in B2B and technical marketing.

I read a recent article on BtoBonline about how IBM Corp. is using e-newsletters to engage readers, drive traffic to their site and generate new leads. IBM not only uses its own e-newsletters to build brand awareness and generate leads, but it also relies on placing ads in outside e-newsletters to reach those publications’ audiences.

“It’s an affordable way to reach a targeted and engaged audience,” said Christine Grasso Jacobs, program director of interactive marketing for IBM General Business Americas. “It also helps drive prospects back to our Web presence so they can find richer content on our site.”

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