Have You Heard of Sales 2.0?

While I was researching sales and marketing automation solutions, I came across several videos that were talking about Sales 2.0. I found them on allbusiness.com.

It is true that they are referring to the current trend of using social media but in ways that are fundamentally different from the traditional sales process. I found the videos very informative and learned something new. You may find them interesting too. Read more

What Do You Make of Social Media?

I was looking for case studies and ROI data to build a business case for Social Media in B2B marketing. It wasn’t easy to find any solid proof until I came across this podcast. In “Behind the Curtain of Social Media,” Social Media experts from Intel, Cisco and HP share their thoughts and successes. The podcast is from 1to1 Media and sponsored by RightNow

You can view (hear?) Part I of the podcast from here.

Key Takeaways:

  1. All three experts have been actively using Social Media/Web 2.0 tactics for 2-4 years internally and externally (customers and regional partners)
  2. Social Media as defined by these experts (internal users) is very different from those put out by consultants and agencies (external experts) Read more

Social Media & B2B Marketing

My Inbox is overflowing with e-mails to download white papers and/or attend webinars, all discussing Social Media as it relates to B2B marketing. It is beginning to get confusing with so much of (mis)information out there. I understand the benefits of blogs, podcasting, video testimonials and search optimized PR directly to your customers.

I use LinkedIn often to build my professional network but I'm still trying to figure out how a business benefits from Twitter, Facebook, MySpace etc. They seem like great tools for personal branding for a consultant or a coach or a speaker but I'm not sure how a business or company benefits from them. Unless you are the company brand. John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing would be a perfect example.

I read a very good post on this topic by Paul Dunay on MarketingProfs Daily Fix. Check out his post Is Social Media More Difficult in B2B Than B2C? He has a great conversation going on both sides of the argument.

For a more controversial stand, read Bob Bly's post My First Stumbling Block to Getting Started with Social Networking.

What has been your experience so far? What tools are you using?

Add Social Media to E-Newsletters

This is a follow up to my post “E-Mail Marketing is Alive ‘N Kickin'. Adding Social Media features will add to the value of e-newsletters.

Email Marketing and Social Media, Part 1: Adding Social Media to the Email Newsletter  is an article written by Anna Billstrom on MarketingProfs.com. She has written about how you can do just that in easy to follow steps. Check it out.

Silverpop has introduced a new feature called Share-to-Social. Using links contained within your email messages, recipients can quickly share your message on one or more social networks such as Facebook and MySpace, adding their comments, including images from your message, and more. This opens up a whole new range of possibilities for viral marketing that can make your messages more effective and more targeted than ever before.